Stem Cell Activation Patches


The world’s first product ever to activate stem cells. A true breakthrough in regenerative science that helps restore our bodies to a healthier, more youthful state, in a way no other product can. The secret? By harnessing the power of LifeWave’s patented phototherapy, X39TM uses light to elevate a copper peptide, GHK-Cu, proven to signal the activation of stem cells.

Instead of older and less effective stem cells, X39TM supports the production of younger and healthier stem cells. This amazing level of control over your vitality and well-being was simply not possible, let alone this easy, until now. And the best part? Like all LifeWave patches, X39TM is safe, non-invasive, and incredibly cost-effective. Backed by clinical studies, multiple patents, and 20 years of development, X39 is so effective, it can influence everything about your body – how you look, feel, perform, and heal.

My Why:

I’ve used X39 for over 6 months and I can say they have changed the way my skin looks and feels. I consider this patch my insurance policy on anti-aging as well as a genetic protection mechanism. While benefits have been skin and energy, my clients (over 20 people) have fallen in love with the patch. User experience has been reported as less joint pain, better sleep, hair growth, clear skin, focus, diminished anxiety, and weight loss. From my understanding the activation of stem cells is going to go where you need it most, so each person’s results will be different. 

This site contains great information on starting the patch and the science behind it.

Warranty: Special Offer 99$ a month on Autoship and a 90 Day money back guarantee. If you are skeptical…I say try them and know the risk is minimal.





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