Do you experience days where motivation and clarity cease to exist, and your greatest accomplishment is conquering a new Netflix series? 

Do you have a cabinet full of supplements that result in nothing but expensive pee?

Do you struggle with fatigue and brain fog? 

Are you TIRED of doing it alone?!!

Are you so bloated after a meal you question taking a pregnancy test? Is this doubly concerning because you're a man?

Do you question why no matter how healthy you eat, or how hard you workout you feel genetically shackled with stubborn belly fat?  

Does your metabolism seem like a long lost friend who won't return your phone calls?

Life is too short to be anything less than amazing.

I have been there and I am here with proven modalities, science, and accountability to change your story.

By the time I finished recovering from cancer treatment, toxic mold and chronic fatigue syndrome I was wrecked. My brain did not work and my digestion was a 1 out of 10.

I missed most birthdays, family gatherings and social events. As I laid on my couch watching life drift by, I knew I needed to upgrade my level of thinking to find a fix.

I invested over 300K and countless resources to find solutions and regain my health.

I made a promise to myself that WHEN I regained my vitality I would be a fucking lighthouse for those seeking the same.

How does this sound?

  • Dining out at your favorite restaurant and not worrying about explosive gas.
  • Remembering the location of your wallet, car keys, and cell phone before leaving the house.
  • A belly that feels just as comfortable after a meal as it did before it.
  • A surplus of energy that allows you to pursue your life's work AND the artistic passions you love.
  • Knowing exactly what foods are hurting you.
  • Not relying on stimulants and coffee to get you through a day at the office.
  • Deep, sound, uninterrupted sleep that leaves you feeling restored. 
  • Being the BOSS and CEO responsible for your own vibrant health.


Sounds Great!

Transformational Coaching

  • 90 minute session on zoom or skype
  • A comprehensive Food and Lifestyle review.
  • Each session ends with a detailed summary outlining action steps to be completed before our next session. Links to white papers, science, homework assignments, and videos to support the learning process
  • Unlimited email support for 7 days following our consultation
  • Referrals to specialized practitioners from my Super-Friends Network. Including acupuncturists, functional medicine doctors, massage therapists, energy workers and personal trainers in your local area.
  • Discounts on transformational technology, red-lights, PEMF technology, supplements, courses, and long term coaching packages. Because sometimes we need help to do the heavy lifting

I am ready Freddie!

This program teaches you how to STOP managing symptoms and START living symptom free.

  • Location

    Client sessions take place on Zoom, Skype or Facetime. All coaching sessions are recorded and serve as an incredible teaching tool. Zoom allows me to share documents, review progress diaries, and see your lovely face. Community is KING.

  • Investment in Time

    A client consultation is the beginning to a beautiful relationship. This relationship has the possibility to change your life's direction. While I do believe in a long term coaching relationship, seeing the greatest benefit from 3 to 4 months, I reserve this service for people who are the right fit and ready to do the work.

Everyone must complete an initial 90 minute health intake session and consult.


Think of this as a first date. It allows you and me to determine our future relationship.

Success Stories

There is no greater joy as a coach to watch those struggling begin to thrive and those stumbling begin to run.

It’s time for your Upgrade! 

Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call

I always recommend everyone schedules a discovery call to connect and make sure we are a good fit before buying a session. It gives me a chance to hear what is going on and understanding if my skill set matches your needs. Coaching is a collaborative effort and energy balance will play into healing in my experience. At the very least, I promise we will have fun and I can point you in the right direction.

Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call

Schedule Your Intake Session

The single clarity session includes a detailed food and lifestyle review. After completion of a short intake form covering food, stress, fitness, supplements and your major pain points we dive into a detailed evaluation of your current program. 

This is your 90-minute opportunity to pick Freddie's brain and explore the endless upgrades you apply to your life. A 30% discount is applied to any follow-up sessions.