Work with me

3-month Coaching Contract

Do you know how it feels to be dragging through the day with an impossible schedule ahead and no energy left in the tank?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt more tired than when you collapsed into bed the night before. Have you ever looked in the mirror and gasped at the bags under your eyes?

Have you ever felt stressed over what foods you should or should not be eating?

Does the thought of going out to a restaurant and attempting to navigate through a menu and stick to your diet make you anxious?

Is it overwhelming to try and digest each new wave of dietary recommendations sweeping the internet: Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw-Vegan, Ketogenic, eating for your blood type or not eating at all?

What about money? How does one afford all the best food and stay within a budget?

Will I EVER know what financial freedom feels like?

Are you constantly sidelined by a fear of choosing the wrong path?

Have you ever asked why life comes so easy for some people while I am presented with obstacle after obstacle? Do you see love everywhere in the world but wonder when you will meet YOUR person?

Sound familiar? I relate to everything written above! Maybe that is because I wrote it.

Seriously I coach because I wanted to be a lighthouse to those feeling alone in the world of failing health. Energetically we are electrical beings first which, governs a chemical body. Our thoughts, our feelings, and our intentions are the calling card to what we are asking for form the universe. Together let’s redefine what it is we want! Let’s reexamine what it is we have to do and then create a plan to get there.

Yes, hormones, soy, gluten, and fasting blood glucose are all important but I promise you they are governed by something bigger.

When you are in alignment with your life’s purpose so many big problems seem to magically take care of themselves.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I am your coach!

In this program, we focus on whole foods, sleep, fun, spirituality, managing stress, strength training, supplementation and addressing old traumas. Once a detailed assessment is made a support program is created addressing the areas which need the most assistance. Lack of support is one of the major reasons for health programs failing to deliver. As a coach, I present numerous possible options accompanied by the most current research. I have done the work of mining through the coal (mountains of information) and my clients get the gold ( tried and tested methods!)

Here is what I am saying….grab my hand, it’s time to create lasting change and learn how to form some new habits. The value of this relationship is unparalleled and nothing gets me more excited than seeing the transformation over our time together.

The Wellness Warrior program includes:

  • 6 Sessions conducted over a 3-month period
  • Initial session includes a 90-minute intake and detailed lifestyle review
  • A detailed follow-up document outlining each session, including links and videos to material covered
  • Peer-reviewed food diary
  • Unlimited email support throughout the contract
  • Referrals to specialized practitioners from my Super-Friends Network
  • The biggest cheerleader and advocate for your success, me!



The Meeting of the Minds

The meeting of the minds is a single session food and lifestyle review also referred to as a One-Off. After completion of a short intake form covering food, stress, fitness, and supplements we dive into a detailed evaluation of your current program. This service is perfect for the self-starter with a plan already in place but needs tweaking. The session includes:

  • One 90-minute coaching session
  • A short form food and lifestyle review
  • Detailed recommendation document with links, videos and actionable steps to improve current position
  • Email support for 30 days available for purchase



Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11_opt

Personal training

Strength training and endurance exercise with a focus on functional movement. Personally, I try and see movement through the filter of, “what is safe” I see the true value of a functional body to be living alone through your 90’s, tackling any set of stairs and being able to survive in an emergency situation. Abdominals, a great ass, and ripped arms are a side effect of working towards a “functional body.” Injuries and setbacks severely cut into the value of personal training, so there is always a focus on safety. Modalities I love are Free weights, Resistance Bands, TRX, Kettlebells, Body Weight Exercise, and Yoga.
Training packages include:

  • 5-point movement evaluation
  • Body fat and weight calibration
  • Comprehensive Personalized Fitness Plans
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • In person in the NYC metro area
  • Online instruction available through zoom and skype

Single sessions – 5 sessions – 10 packs available