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Herbal alternatives for digestion

Does bloating, Irritable bowel and or cramping after meals frequently affect your life? Chances are your cupboards are filled with bottles and roll up packs of antacids, digestive aids and soothing pharmaceutical grade products containing mostly toxic bullshit pushed across the pharmacy board. (Tell us how you really feel Freddie.) My friends… it’s time to shift gears and reach for something else. My mystery guest this week will not only deal with these previously mentioned symptoms but also help heal and tone your digestive track.

Maybe it’s not you; maybe it’s your parents that need assistance after meals. Better yet, you can be their savior this holiday season.

Maybe it’s a friend who you see frequently reaching for the TUMS and you would love to be able to help or at least throw out a knowledge bomb and blow up their pain.



I’ve got your answer: Iberogast



Iberogast is a clinically proven prokinetic medicine containing 9 herbal extracts. Each act in a synergistic and complimentary way to reduce heartburn, bloating, cramping, nausea and abdominal pain.
Iberogast is also used for the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Functional Dyspepsia (FD).

Looking for Pubmed studies:

Iberogast has .04% drug interactions

 Proven in randomized prospective clinical studies

Clinical evidence for herbal preparations

What’s a Prokinetic?


Prokinetic agents are medications that help control acid reflux. Prokinetics help strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter and cause the contents of the stomach to empty faster. This allows less time for acid reflux to occur.

The name Iberogast is derived from it’s main component, Iberis amara, which has a tone-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect. Iberogast has an excellent safety and efficacy profile based on over 40 years of use in Europe.

 Iberogast works in four different ways:

  •    Accelerates gastric emptying
  •    Reduces pain and cramping
  •    Alleviates heartburn
  •    Relieves bloating
  •    induces expulsion of gas from the intestines


The warning list for using TUMS and Prilosec is long.

Conventionally, reflux symptoms are treated with medications that either decrease the amount of stomach acid produced (proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec) or neutralize the acid after it’s produced (calcium carbonate products like TUMS).

When used in the short term during a “reflux crisis,” these medications put a bandage on the unpleasant symptoms, but do little if anything to address the cause of the reflux. These medications do nothing to address the weak tone of the lower esophageal sphincter, in fact they can even make it worse.

Furthermore, a long list of problems can develop as a result of long-term suppression of stomach acid. Including the acquisition of foreign parasites and bacteria from your food source.

Jesus no.


My Advice

If you’re trying to improve health or basic functionality in the body, before adding anything into your diet look at the bigger picture. Know that digestive upsets are a divine whisper from your body asking you to make a change. Habitually treating this with TUMS or a natural approach can be a risky move. Sooner or later the whisper may evolve into a loud scream from the universe… known as chronic disease. Take heed, listen to your body, and make changes appropriately.


Order of operations:

Before you add supplements, look at your diet.

First. Eat a plant-based diet focusing on whole foods, organic vegetables, clean free range protein, wild caught and filtered water. Remember, things meant to live in a box or on the shelf in your grocery store, contain chemicals and stabilizers. Upon ingestion they will reside in your cells, compromising functionality and energy. Eliminate the common offenders; processed sugar, wheat, and non- organic dairy.


Second. Consult a functional medicine doctor. This is a physician schooled in restoring your body to a functional state so it can repair and heal itself. Most will talk first about your diet, stress levels and sleep before pills are prescribed for your current life situation. Strange…isn’t this what they do at the veterinarian’s office.


Third. When you do seek medication or outside supplemental assistance, look for options connected to nature. There are many herbs which are less offensive to your body’s natural chemistry than current pharmacy favorites. Pertaining to this article, Iberogast is a lovely way go to for better digestion. It strengthens and tones your insides. In turn this will  aid in better absorption of food. And better poops. Ha, I had to.


I use 10-20 drops in warm water with some stevia and it makes a wonderful tea. It’s calming and tastes great. I think it’s tastes great, but I like earthier flavors. The major takeaway is, it helps digestion and is the most effective thing I’ve used in my arsenal of aids.

Remember in your picture of elite health there are no “magic bullets. “Living a balanced lifestyle with a focus on whole foods, good sleep, stress management and love will put you in a very strong place. The fact remains, we live in a world full of more stimulus and stress than our design ever intended. We have yet to evolve to modern day life and the advances of technology. Take this into consideration when planning to live the best life possible. While people would love to get their nutrients from “just food” it’s simply not possible to pull the same nutrients from the soil that I parents had access to.

It’s a changing world out there and we have to think outside the box to remain in balance.

Keep in mind, while I have played a doctor onstage, I am not one. This information is given solely as advice and not meant to substitute that of your primary care physician.





4 thoughts on “The Digestive Rescue Champion – Iberogast

  • January 19, 2021 at 1:05 pm

    Why take Iberogast with a meal, while one should take peppermint oil on an empty stomach?

    • February 1, 2021 at 10:08 am

      That is what I’ve understood the process to be Carol. I used to take them 15 minutes before and it would assist in the digestive process. However, it has been years since I’ve needed them with meals. Once I balanced the gut bacteria and worked in my nervous system I had a much better response after food! Please let me know if I can help in any way. Sending love and light!

  • December 10, 2015 at 8:30 am

    I take Prilosec daily because of the long term use of anti-inflammatory meds for my arthritis. Is this something I should switch to , in place of the Prilosec. I do not suffer from reflux or the other symptoms you mentioned above. And I believe that is because of the other healthy eating habits that I practice.

    • December 16, 2015 at 9:54 pm

      Ideally you would not want to be on Prilosec long term. The easiest way to test this would be slowly replace one dose a day with the Iberogast. I suggest printing a couple of the studies listed in the blog, bring them into your doctors office and start the discussion with your practitioner durning your next appt. If you have a good relationship and want to save some time, send the materials ahead of your visit so he has a chance to read information and really be familiar with mechanism under which it performs. Since Iberogast has a very, very low drug interaction I think this would be a good alternative for long term use. In addition the herbs hold some anti inflammatory properties. Thanks for the great question Linda!


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