My success stories are honest, real and lasting. I practice what I preach and strive to be the example for my clients. I am committed to changing the world through inspired thought, art and how I interact with all I come in contact with. If this sounds like a different fitness experience, it is. My goal is to fill you with enough good information and inspiration to sustain the motivation we cultivate in our coaching sessions. Ideally, once we get you going, the momentum will carry you through life with a smile, more energy, and a functional body.


Freddie is fantastic. I’ve never been in better shape. Plus, he’s reliable, charming, and genuinely interested in my physical and mental well-being. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
– Jack L.


Inspiration, dedication and perspiration. Freddie led me through some of the best workouts of my life. Instilled the value of diet *and* exercise that I’ve been able to continue to count on. He went out of his way to craft a series of exercises designed for my travel schedule and general life-on-the-go. Cannot recommend him enough!!
– Adam M.


I started my journey alone trying to remember what I had done a decade ago to stay fit. Even now I recall meeting Freddie in college and he became my first trainer. So when I felt lost recently, I gave him a call to see what I should be doing. I was well on my way in terms of exercising but Freddie has been vital to my nutritional and spiritual health. He opened my eyes to the mind – body connection and all of the latest nutritional facts from alternate day fasting to ghee butter and coconut oil. Freddie is a wealth of knowledge. He never stops learning and discovering the best ways to be a better person inside and out. Over the last 14 months, I’ve lost 65lbs, gone from a 44″ waist to a 32″ waist and cut my body fat in half. But more importantly, I’ve created a healthy lifestyle that has resulted in a better me.
-Adam P.

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When I started working with Freddie, I was physically exhausted, easily fatigued with exercise, and unable to drop any weight despite my efforts. Freddie put me on a weight training regiment that increased my strength and endurance and slowly started turning my fatigue into energy. He reviewed my food diary and made recommendations for alternative food choices and supplements that cleared up my skin, reduced inflammation in my knee and gut, and gave me more energy. I lost 25 lbs and feel ten years younger!

I’ve worked with trainers at various gyms I’ve belonged to over the years and none of them compare to Freddie. He has incredible knowledge through study and personal experience. He took the time to listen to what was going on with my health and fitness, helped me implement changes that I could sustain on my own, monitored my progress and was supportive even when I was discouraged. Freddie genuinely cares about helping his clients achieve their goals and create healthy lifestyles. His encouragement, enthusiasm and knowledge helped me stay on track almost two years later.

-Andrea H