Red Berry Blast Explosion

 Good Morning Friends

Today I awoke and really felt the weather start to break.  I smelled spring, I swear it’s true. Yes, it’s raining and the city is filled with dirt, the subways are under construction,  but thats all the more reason for you to start your day clean. What does clean mean? Generally when I say eat clean it just means knowing where your food source/ ingredients are coming from. Starbucks? McDonalds? even whole foods breakfast bar is filled with non organic, pesticide/mold ridden food. In the end, I’m not trying to point fingers, but when you are trying to feed a population size of NYC, you cut corners and the demands of the many, make shitty food for the many.

This is the best reason to start the day out with a power smoothie with ingredients packed with power, energy and fat burning potential to start your day. It’s simple, you save money, it WILL save you time and I promise you’ll feel the energy boost well into lunchtime hours.  Most importantly you are taking control over the very important key of good health, you will know and are now responsible for where your food is prepared, what goes in, portion size….it’s not unlike having the perfectly made genetic baby with no flaws.  Too much?  I have about a hundred of these puppies to draw from and I’m in a sharing mood.  So enough of my gab….here’s the plan: Get the picture?

Red Berry Blast









2 Heaping Table spoons of Hemp Protein ( substitute as you desire, as long as  “organic” or “grass fed” are in the title).  Also I warn against and  suggest an alternative to the newest rage in fitness…G.T.P or ground turtle protein. Yes it’s rich in swamp algae but there just is not enough research on this steroid like anabolic powerhouse…… yet…..( this was a joke).

1/2 Acai smoothie packet ( optional) or  1/2/ cup blueberry is a good sub.

1/2 cup of organic berry mix ( I like  trader Joe’s)

1  heamping table spoon Organic Sunflower butter

1/4 cup of organic beets

1 carrot organic

1/2 avocado

2 table spoons of Flax seeds

stevia to sweetness desired or raw honey.

1/4 to 1/2 cup of water depending on desired thickness.


Essentially you you are going to pop everything into a blender and liquify that pile of goodness.  This of course will not happen in your standard knock everything into chunks blender and you really do need to make the investment on a good machine.

Essential to anyone looking to GAME CHANGE health I always recommend my clients a few options which I will go into detail later….but the top of the line  are the VITAMIX or BLENDTECH and now a very comperable version is the high end Nutribullet for a couple hundred dollars less.

Here is link to an older article I wrote comparing and going into depth on blenders:

Blend-opolis The Vitamix


This Red smoothie is a great way to start your day and I recommend it’s consumption before 2pm. As general rule: I like red Chlorophyl bore for two and green after 3.  In the morning your body is looking for energy to start the engine and in the afternoon we start to naturally detox, so greens are needed to assist in this process.

Try this one and please report back with any results, tweaks or Improvements you make.  Remember while easting good is an investment, the value back on your dollar is immeasurable.  Avoiding one trip to the hospital or god forbid chronic health condition is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.






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