EP 74: When do you play the role of God?

In this episode, Freddie focuses on introspection and being a godlike force in someone else’s life. There will always be instances in our lives that we feel afraid, lost, and troubled, and we feel the need to be saved. 


Being able to overcome fear and helping out, Freddie shares his view on creating a positive force in something or someone in order to help them. 


In this episode, we dive deep into the human psyche and how our positive presence can make a great impact. If you’re looking for wholesome and inspiring content, you don’t want to miss this episode!



1:44 When and where do you play the role of God?        

2:36 Freddie’s moment of clarity, as he dives into a pool and into a fateful encounter with a bee.

5:32 Freddie recalls his first encounter with a bee, explaining his deep fear of bees.

7:00 The brain in the state of theta, theta activity, and brain waves.

8:17 Freddie shares three things that he can do in order to move forward, pushing through his fear, and stepping into a benevolent godlike force.

9:33 Freddie likens his hands swooping down into the pool, saving the bees and insects, to the hands reaching down from the heavens that help him in difficult times.

10:55 Becoming a godlike force in someone else’s life, spreading positivity, and helping someone regain their faith in humanity.



More than Honey by Marcus Imhoof

The Last Beekeeper by Jeremy Simmons

Why are Bees Disappearing? by Marla Spivak 


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