Episode 104: Fixing Billions of Brains with Dr Patrick Porter

In this episode, Freddie invites Dr. Patrick Porter, Ph.D. – creator of BrainTap™ and a certified brain expert. His knowledge, experience, and dedication in this field has helped him generate a remarkable wellness technology that guarantees relaxation and revitalization to your brain by braintapping.

This episode will help you be enriched in knowledge as it focuses on the brain and its unlimiting capacity. Discover the key to better well-being as he shares the brainwave states and how they affect our system, how the energy produced boosts our brain function, and how changing your mindset provides a big change to the body. He will also unpack the capability of frequency, light, and sounds to bring more energy to our body and our brain. 



3:25 Overview on the functions of different brainwave states

11:02 On humans as light, sounds, vibrations, and how it connects to our energy

12:57 The correlation of heart rate variability and brain to the energy produced

19:06 The impact of positive energy exchange with healing

21:39 How the brain speaks for the entire body and absorbs everything

28:24 How he brought ancient meditation into modern technology through BrainTap™

36:41 On giving the brain a space to breathe to be at its best capacity

38:29 The power of positive words and mindset to provide self-healing

42:17 Notable effects of using BrainTap™ (and figuring out your habit to improve your life)

50:25 Biohacking technology as a supplement for better health

56:29 What it means to be beautifully broken and to continuously change lives



BrainTap Website – https://braintap.com/

The Cranial Release Technique How CRT is Transforming Lives by Optimizing Brain Function by William Doreste – https://www.amazon.com/Cranial-Technique-Transforming-Optimizing-Function/dp/1937111296

You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought: A Guide to Positive Thinking by John-Roger McWilliams – https://www.amazon.com/Cant-Afford-Luxury-Negative-Thought/dp/B01FIWNKVK



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