Episode 82: The retreat to Plant Medicine with Jonathan de Potter

In this episode, Freddie invites Jonathan de Potter to share his personal experience with plant medicine and his eventful process of self-healing. He is the founder of Behold Retreats, which is a wellness provider that facilitates life-changing plant medicine journeys. Through his passion for plant medicine, he has been raising awareness of its benefits and its potential to improve well-being and consciousness.

This episode will dive into Jonathan’s transformation journey and how plant medicine has changed his point of view in life. Jonathan talks about the advantages of the chemical compounds found within plants and how, through a regulated and monitored environment, these can provide a healing effect on both your mind and body.


1:31 Jonathan recollects how he got into the plant medicine scene – starting from his early childhood days

03:24 He shares his vocation and how he took a break from his corporate job to take part in an Ayahuasca retreat

6:38 He shares his first experience dealing with recreational substances and how this has impacted his life and the people around him

13:13 He explains the properties of Ayahuasca and its medicinal properties

18:00 Freddie talks about the scientific processes and how these strips the magic behind acceptance and faith of the plant medicine journey

20:52 Jonathan talks about finding the right guide/practitioner to approach when it comes to starting your plant medicine journey

26:09 He talks about Behold Retreats: their secret recipe to choosing a location, providing mentorship, using plant medicine, and more.

32:24 Jonathan how retreats work – is it financial and time demanding?

36:23 Keeping in touch with Behold Retreats and its community even after your retreat has ended

38:21 Jonathan talks about how they have been operating and arranging retreats amidst the pandemic

41:37 Freddie talks about the energetic body, cell-to-cell communication, frequency, and more

44:52 Jonathan talks about reconnecting with nature through plant medicine

46:58 Freddie expands on the broadness of plant medicine and how minimal things that we do every day can relate to it and change our lives completely 

50:42 Jonathan talks about what being beautifully broken means for him


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