Episode 108: Building community through plant medicine, Biohacking, cold exposure with Robbie Bent

In this episode, Freddie invites Robbie Bent, a renowned Biohacker, thought leader, and incredible human to the podcast. Robbie promotes health and wellness by utilizing the science of inward breathing and the influence of ice to control emotions and the subconscious. Did I mention he has a venture capital fund driving resources to the next big breakthrough in treatment-resistant depression? Mushrooms anyone?! Yeah…you’ll want to hear this one!

Discover the wonders of guided meditation through ice baths, Community, plant medicine, and more…Learn from the master and understand how this process improves “quality of life.” Meditate and ease your worries while building meaningful connections and community through Robbie’s new Biohacking model coming to a US city near you!

What is Robbie Working on?

Inward Bathhouse: We’ve built a modern bathhouse (sauna/ice baths) with beautiful aesthetic and guided facilitation. We are now building a V2 with a 40 person sauna with guided classes and performances (things like breathwork, sound baths, and stretching), ice baths, and a tea room. This is a healthy social experience that is a substitute for bars/restaurants. We’ve proven that mental fitness can be cool and accessible.

Inward Breathwork: A digital product to help you on your mental health journey when at home. Our focus is on accessibility, and a tool where it’s easier and more fun to build a habit than meditation.

Inward Community — We’ve built a thriving digital community to find your tribe to join you at the physical spaces, join for breathwork sessions at home and continue your health and wellness journey.


2:22 Getting to know Robbie Bent better
3:12 How Robbie filled the void in his life
4:42 What made Robbie change his life?
13:41 The beginning of the ice bath concept
16:33 How it turned into a coaching session with a huge community
23:56 The breathing app and its launch date
35:17 The main goal of ice bath meditation
38:51 Letting go of trauma

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