Episode 92: The Technology that is reversing Bone Loss with Sarah Glicken

Oesti Technology that is reversing Bone Loss withSarah Glicken



In this episode, Freddie invites Sarah Glicken to share her expertise in longevity and anti-aging bone health. She is an ultimate rainbow of resources for bone health. She is the owner of OsteoStrong in Los Angeles. OsteoStrong is a wellness studio that uses unique technology to improve overall health.


This episode is full of knowledge and substance. Sarah will share what OsteoStrong is, how it can help in improving bone health, and accessing it. She will also share some of her research inputs on pharmaceutical interventions and calcium supplements for bone health. Also, Sarah will share how people can take care of their bones, especially those where OsteoStrong is inaccessible. She will also open up a little about herself as she shares her view on what being beautifully broken is and what gives her simple joys in life. 




03:24 Sarah talks about why she chose her area of expertise and a little about OsteoStrong

06:42 Modalities on bone density at OsteoStrong that works for her

08:53 Four pieces of equipment used at OsteoStrong to recondition bone and increase bone density safely

10:01 What improvements to expect and timeline for the early stage of bone loss 

13:35 How she feels about helping people feel better at OsteoStrong LA

14:25 How OsteoStrong fits people’s lifestyles and creating a massive impact on the body

15:47 On covering HSA and SSA accounts as part of flexible spending at OsteoStrong

18:09 What she thinks can bring OsteoStrong more accessibility to the masses

20:53 Her opinion on the limitations of pharmaceutical interventions

23:09 Some inputs from her research on taking calcium supplements

26:09 Her opinion about rebounders and her plan of action for people where OsteoStrong is inaccessible 

28:36 What her 2020-2021 experience is like and moving forward

30:13 The communal aspect at OsteoStrong LA

32:00 What it means for Sarah to be beautifully broken

33:33 What she wants to gift people if given a chance

34:18 What gives Sarah pure joy






Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook by Laura Kelly





IonCleanse by AMD

Red Light Therapy at home by LightpathLED (10% discount code: beautifully broken) 

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