EP 75: Measuring the energetic body with Bio-well and Jorge Patrono

I am constantly looking for tools to measure and track the shifts I am making in my vitality. When you are working with energetic tools such as red-lights, PEMF’s devices, and sound therapy that can be challenging to gauge how the body is shifting. One technology that has been in my awareness for some time has been Bio-well. Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool based on the Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique made especially for express-assessment of the energetic state of a person. Join Jorge Patrono who is an expert in the field of health, vitality, and energetics,(and a Grammy winner) as we take a deep dive into all things energy!

Jorge dedicates his time to doing research on the topics of natural health, spirituality, and science. He produces documentaries, (www.yourlifeyourcreation.com), gives lectures, and continues interviewing different personalities of science and spirituality from around the world.  He writes articles and guided meditations using information about neuroscience, epigenetics, heart-brain coherence, and healthy diets. He is an expert and distributor of the Bio-well technology and has a full decade of experience in working with the energetic body.

Jorge Patrono is a two time Grammy nominee, composer, producer, Sound Designer with an experience of over 30 years in the entertainment industry. Jorge has also produced TV shows and video clips. When he was 19 years old he developed a deep interest in science and spiritually and started a search for information that led him to create the website www.creandotuvida (Creating Your Life) as a service to the global Hispanic community. His website deals with different subjects on the art of living a healthy and happy life. Because of his work and dedication, he was named Peace Ambassador by Mil Milenios de Paz and PEA: Peace, Ecology, and Art.   


01:46 Who Jorge Patrono is and how a Grammy-nominated producer such as himself got involved with biomedicine.

06:17 Freddie recalls his first encounter with Bio-Well.

07:52 Jorge explains the science behind Bio-Well.

09:20 The 3 modalities/sciences inside Bio-Well’s software. 

15:08 Is there a consistent climb in readings when you change your lifestyle? What are the factors to be considered? 

17:48 Jorge discusses Freddie’s readings on the Bio-Well and further expands its implications.

21:16 How Bio-Well is being used in other countries, be it for diagnostics or as biofeedback device.

23:23 How the emotional state affects our physical health.

30:01 Jorge talks about reverse osmosis and how knowing the type of water you consume can help your health.

38:45 Freddie expands on the idea that everything is interconnected and it all boils down to energy.

43:07 Jorge explains what it means to be Beautifully Broken in his perspective.

50:09 What does Jorge think about the health modalities being brought into Argentina?


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