Episode 87: From Addiction, Abuse, and Trauma to a 6-Figure Entrepreneur with Alex Marie Hogg

From Addiction, Abuse, and Trauma to a 6-Figure Entrepreneur with Alexandra Marie Hogg

When I started listening to Alex’s story I could only imagine it was a script for a dark Christoper Nolan film, with a Cinderalla ending! The hero’s journey is my favorite way to pick up inspiration and I think this one may be my favorite. We cover drug addiction, breaking out of the adult film industry, overcoming severe trauma, and turning it all around success in the business coaching world. This is the story you need for 2021!

In this episode, Freddie invites Alex Marie Hogg, a business coach and a beautiful soul looking to empower other women and help them build their businesses online through Facebook. She talks about her childhood, her traumatic experiences in life, and how she learned to get up and change for the better. As someone who believes in healing and forgiveness, Alex gives her point of view on addiction, marriage, and learning how to overcome her fears.


This episode focuses on Alex’s life, her struggles with her family and substance abuse, trauma, and her fighting spirit. Join us as we talk about life, business, and being beautifully broken.



3:02 Alex reminisces the hardest moments in her life and her childhood

9:22 She talks about the angels in her life and how they have helped her become better

12:36 Alex shares her first encounter with her soul mate

15:06 Freddie and Alex talk about forgiveness, dealing with pain, and understanding what other people are going through

21:46 They both share their experiences with therapy and how this affects healing from trauma

26:53 Alex shares how she’s stayed sober throughout all these years

29:07 How she started from sales and how she has grown to become a successful business coach

38:20 Freddie and Alex talk about MLMs, essential oils, and X39

48:18 Alex talks about empowering women through her business and giving back by bringing safety to women of abuse 



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