Episode 99: Quantifying your Biohacks with Elias Arjan

Quantifying Biohacks


Quantifying your Biohacks. In this episode, Freddie invites Elias Arjan – a senior vice president for Biostrap. With the goal of helping others understand and optimize their own health, Elias has made a powerful tool wherein hacking your health is possible by quantifying it.

This episode focuses on showing how Biostrap is a game-changer in the health and wellness industry. Elias will discuss its features and how its recorded biometrics can make you consciously aware of your health. He will also share on why we tend to overlook simple biohacks, seeing the shift in prioritizing rest, and how he sees the future with Biostrap.

Listen as we take biohacking to the next level with Biostrap.



2:34 How personalized healthcare is now possible with Biostrap

6:25 How the HRV score feature works and the proper way to use it

11:50 Quantifying your health and having a conscious awareness to it

17:30 Why you should rest when Biostrap tells you to do so

22:16 Empowering coaches and health practitioners to use Biostrap

24:34 On measuring your biometrics and why it’s clinically accurate

35:52 Nature and the basic human needs as the most powerful biohacks

38:43 How he went from being a troublemaker to certified biohacker

44:38 His preferred technological biohacks 

47:58 Why healing is a long-term process and why behavioral changes is considered in improving health

56:02 How much can you purchase for a Biostrap (and other products they offer!)



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