Episode 98 : Breathwork, Biohacking, and Warrior Woman Mode

Warrior Woman Mode


In this episode, Freddie invites Kristin Weitzel Owner of Warrior Woman Mode – a certified fitness trainer and biohacker that helps transform women into better versions of themselves. Kristin is an epitome of women power as she is determined to show that biohacking is not just for certain people but rather is accessible to everyone.

This episode focuses on her journey towards self-optimization and biohacking and how she had cohabited these into her optimal wellness program for women. It will also explore the power of expression on being truly yourselves as she shares her experience on not holding on with her past, working it out on self-acceptance, and the remarkable aftermath of being fully herself.



2:58 How she got into biohacking and self-optimization

7:24 On making her program approachable and why it’s woman-centered

10:39 Taking advantage of your hormones when optimizing your muscle build

19:11 Her personal experience that helped open up her personality more

23:14 The art of letting go of your negative emotions

31:21 The importance of surrounding yourself with outspoken people

35:55 Different approaches to achieve self-acceptance

41:41 Coping up with loneliness amidst the pandemic

46:28 Red Light as her favorite biohack



WOWfactor Online Program – https://warriorwomanmode.mykajabi.com/wowfactor-online-sales-page

Kristin Weitzel Warrior Woman Mode Website – https://www.warriorwomanmode.com/

Kristin Weitzel Warrior Woman Mode Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/warriorwomanmode/?hl=en



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