Episode 97: Modern Mom’s Gap year: Part 2 with Scott and Cathy Whelehan

Modern Mom's Gap year: Part 2


In this episode, Freddie invites Scott and Cathy Whelehan back to the show. This power couple has been breaking barriers and proved that being together or breaking up are not the only option towards relationships. Throughout the “Modern Mother’s Gap Year”, they are committed to overcome the struggles and become the person that they are today.

This episode focuses on exploring modern-day relationships and guiding them on building a beautiful community within families. The couple will open up about their journey and how continuous changes in their lifestyle has helped with individual and relationship growth. They will also share the relevance of the “Modern Mother’s Gap Year” in their lives and how it has helped deepen their relationship.



3:11 How Cathy and Scott’s journey of “Modern Mother’s Gap Year” has went by

4:42 Figuring out their new healing approach due to the pandemic 

8:41 Cathy and Scott’s challenges on therapy and creating space 

12:28 How home environmental shifts has helped with their energy and their relationship

20:23 How Cathy connected with the BeLovedNow program and how it can bring healing and energy to others

28:35 On working and achieving goals in Amp Coil and how it has provide healthy changes to Scott

38:16 Their milestones during “Modern Mother’s Gap Year” and how it has become a part of their lives

57:03 How self-love and being present to yourself strengthens struggling relationships

1:04:52 Embracing space and naming the truth as frugal steps to rebuild relationships



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