Episode 93: Detoxing, Autism, and Glyphosate Oh My with Glenn Wilhelm

Ionclense by AMD Glenn Wilhelm


Did you know that we are by far in the most toxic environment? And these can affect our body in different ways. Join us as Glenn Wilhelm addresses how IonCleanse by AMD does its job perfectly.

In this episode, Freddie invites Glenn Wilhelm – a national sales manager for A Major Difference, Inc. for 10 years. Glenn advocates to eliminate toxins in our body that we ourselves are not even aware of. He is indeed an epitome of knowledge as he is jam-packed with insights about heavy metal toxicity, detoxification, and health and wellness care.

This episode focuses on helping you improve the quality of your health and enhance your overall lifestyle. Glenn shares what IonCleanse by AMD wants to achieve, the noticeable paradigm shift towards this new healthcare model, and his passion on making a difference.



3:36 – How IonCleanse by AMD works

7:31 – Relaxing your mind and body through IonCleanse 

10:52 – On maximizing the usage of ions to help release toxins

17:10 – What each color of the water symbolizes

21:03 – Real-life scenarios on how toxins are everywhere and how it affects our body

28:39 – Users vs non-users of IonCleanse  and its significant results

32:15 – Why everyone is the perfect user of IonCleanse 

43:13 – Why Glenn continues to positively impact others’ lives

46:43 – Freddie and Glenn’s discussion on why IonCleanse by AMD is a worthwhile investment

52:23 – On honoring Glenn’s success to his daughter



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