Episode 84: Exploring Low Dose Naltrexone with Samantha Lebsock

Did you ever think we would do a podcast on a pharmaceutical drug?!t It is clear that I love alternative medicine, the naturopathic movement, and everything considered woo-woo when it pertains to wellness. That being said, drugs have their place, IMHO. While antibiotics can be overprescribed, they can also be life-saving. While chemotherapy can devastate the body, it is why I am still here writing to you. Today we take a deep dive on LDN (low dose Naltrexone) and why this incredibly safe, cost-effective treatment has been magical for so many human beings. Buckle your seat belts and open your minds to Samantha Lebsock from Belmar pharmacy as she offers her expert view of this 21st-century miracle in the making.

In this episode, Freddie invites Samantha Lebsock, the Director of Clinical Trials for Belma Pharma Solutions and an expert on LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone). She talks about LDN and its effect on the body. As an expert, Samantha gives credible statements about this new modality, and how this has changed the lives of many patients.

This episode will focus on Samantha’s professional view on LDN, its properties, medical use, dosage, and research. She encourages those who are looking for a new way to heal to try LDN with its reasonable cost and various patient accounts of its efficacy.



2:04 Samantha talks about her involvement with Belmar Pharma Solutions and her eventual encounter with LDN

3:23 She discusses LDN and what its effects are to the body

6:09 The different applications of LDN, especially mood disorders and women’s health.

8:12 Freddie shares a story about his friend and the effect of taking steroids on the body.

9:41 The safety of LDN as a new modality for patients looking for a new way of healing

10:56 Freddie thinks back on his first encounter with LDN and his experiences with drug dosing as he battled Lyme and mold.

11:56 Samantha talks about LDN dosing and how her methods focus on the patients’ condition and need rather than a standard dose amount.

17:16 Mast Cell Activation and the body’s reaction to the environment

20:53 Samantha talks about the success rates of LDN intake when it comes to different illnesses

22:13 She also talks about cancer patients’ and their use of LDN

24:26 The science of LDN and its effect on Covid-19

25:37 Freddie talks about how we have sovereignty over our bodies and living in alignment with nature.

27:28 Samantha further talks about LDN’s cost. She encourages everyone to just try LDN and see if it works for you.

29:24 Samantha shares a website that provides research and information on LDN that interested patients may view to find out if LDN works for them.



Samantha Lebsock on Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-lebsock-pharmd-3470aaa2

Belmar Pharma Solutions – https://www.belmarpharmasolutions.com/

LDN Research Trust – https://ldnresearchtrust.org/



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