Episode 81: What Biohacks are REALLY working for you?

It’s easy to digest health experts, new technology, and detox methods week after week. As the market floods with wearable technology, keto meters, glucose monitors, and sound therapy devices I find myself easily overwhelmed. Who wants to stop and smell the roses or biohacks that are working. This episode brings light to a few supplements and interventions that are new and I’m finding great value in! I implore you to constantly be evaluating what you spending you $$$ on and what holds really VALUE.

In this episode, Freddie talks about the different bio hacks that he has tried and revisited so far in his journey towards healing. He calls back to the previous podcast episodes’ topics, guests, and products while giving updates on his daily routine and life. He gives feedback on the different biohacks that he has applied to his life and the changes that he has observed after using them.

If you want to learn more about different biohacks that you can apply to yourself to maintain a healthier and youthful body then you wouldn’t want to miss this episode!


2:31 Freddie talks about changing his source of magnesium, since his interview with Wade Lightheart, to Magnesium Breakthrough.

06:15 Freddie talks about changing his awareness with water – starting with remineralizing his water and Quinton Isotonic.

10:15 Freddie talks about adding food back into his diet, including his discovery: the cassava flour. He also talks about fasting and changing his eating windows.

15:15 The other thing that Freddie is currently experimenting with is a wearable stem cell activation patch called X39.

18:00 Freddie talks about swimming in ice-cold pools, cold therapies, and coaching.



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