Episode 80: Heavy metal toxicity, minerals, and accelerated healing with Eileen Durfee

In this episode, Freddie talks with Eileen Durfee, a brave woman who has suffered several medical problems including chronic pain, allergies, Hashimoto’s, and many more. As she underwent her journey towards healing, she discovered solutions that worked for her and has led her to her entrepreneurial journey. She is the founder of Creatrix Solutions LLC that produces natural healing products worldwide.

In this episode Eileen shares her journey towards healing, the impact of minerals, amplifying our natural pathways of detoxification, saunas, and many more. If you want to find your way towards a healthier body and working on healing yourself then you wouldn’t want to miss this episode!


1:37 Eileen shares her experiences while growing up with long term chronic illness.

7:42 Eileen talks about the adaptation processes of the human body.

11:20 The importance of minerals to the human body.

14:49 What is hair mineral analysis and what does its results say about our body?

26:13 How can we amplify our natural pathways of detoxification?

33:42 Freddie talks about why knowing your own bioterrain is important when it comes to trying out natural healing products.

35:57 With the new 5G, who are the most susceptible to its waves?

41:06 Freddie and Eileen discuss alternative natural healing products – which includes Eileen’s brand, Creatrix Solutions.

49:06 Why investing in these products helps keep your body healthy in the long term.


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