Episode 79: Wade Lightheart on enzymes, digestion, and optimized health

Are you struggling with poor digestion, lack of energy, and brain fog? Have you changed the food you eat and still not experiencing the optimal health you know is possible? Find out why 100,000,000 people are experiencing digestive issues in the U.S. and 25% of those are medicated. This podcast is a MUST LISTEN with Wade Lightheart from Bioptimizers.

In this episode, Freddie talks with Wade Lightheart, a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, and Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition. 


Wade talks about the importance of digestion, why it’s important to monitor what goes in your body, why you need to be aware of your body’s enzymatic activities, and what it’s like to be part of BiOptimizers Nutrition.


This episode highlights the concept of optimizing your body through awareness of your digestion and the supplements your body needs. If you want to learn how your body’s enzymes work, the benefits of magnesium, and self-healing, this episode is for you!



02:29 Wade talks about his shift from bodybuilding to being a part of a new age supplement company, BiOptimizers Nutrition.

10:39 Why correcting your digestion and being aware of the chemicals and elements you put in your body can lead to massive improvements.

28:14 Freddie talks about his experience with metastatic cancer and his struggles post-surgery.

31:45 Wade talks about the significance of magnesium in the body and how he started testing to see what benefits it brings to our system.

39:40 The hierarchy structure behind the cell and how these factors affect how your cells function.

46:06 Wade talks about AWESOME and how to optimize your body’s function through supplements.

50:52 Freddie encourages listeners to look for people who speak and live their truth. Wade gives his perspective on the current system in society, giving listeners a special lesson.

1:05:48 Freddie gives his takeaways—everybody has their own beliefs and if you can heal yourself, you can heal the world.



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