Episode 78:Brain Cancer, Broadway, and Beauty with Catherine Wreford Ledlow

The Beautifully Broken Survivor Series is here with our latest guest, Catherine Wreford Ledlow. She puts it ALL on the table and offers the audience an intimate view of her cancer diagnosis, hero’s journey, what life looks and feels like on the other side. If there was ever a chance to fill your cup with inspiration…this is the episode.

Catherine Wreford Ledlow is an accomplished artist having performed at the Stratford Festival at the age of 18 as part of West Side Story and The Tempest. Freddie and Catherine talk about brain cancer and how she got through the obstacles that surrounded her daily life.


This episode takes us into Catherine’s story and how much her life has changed ever since she was diagnosed. If you want to learn more about Catherine’s life, the daunting effect of brain cancer on the patient and their loved ones, or you just want to hear something inspiring and thought-provoking then you can’t miss this out!



2:29 Freddie and Catherine talk about brain cancer and how she noticed the signs before the actual diagnosis.

15:18 Dealing with children isn’t easy and Catherine shares how a proper support system helped her power through her diagnosis.

19:16 What type of brain cancer does Catherine have? She also discusses the kinds of chemotherapy that she has had to go through.

20:37 Catherine explains the prognosis given to her, the chemotherapy treatments that she has gone through, and going through a life-changing surgery.

24:45 The doctors gave Catherine four choices post-surgery in order to move forward.

30:36 Catherine shares the different alternatives that she has come across on her journey towards her recovery.

33:54 Freddie and Catherine discuss how treatments and alternatives are effective but keeping your mindset and emotions in check is also important.

36:03 As the conversation continues, Freddie and Catherine further discuss the importance of keeping your diet in control.

41:43 Catherine talks about her family and how the people around you can help you throughout whatever you’re currently struggling in.

47:30 Freddie and Catherine discuss the huge impact that cancer has on everyone and that early detection is a big must in order to try and curb its mortality rate.

49:49 Catherine talks about being open about her brain cancer and finding something to laugh about despite it.

54:09 Freddie and Catherine talk about using Optune to help battle cancer cells.

57:24 As the episode comes to an end Freddie and Catherine discuss the opportunities that may come next.








Tripping over the Truth: How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer is Overturning One of Medicine’s Most Entrenched Paradigms by Travis Christofferson – https://www.amazon.com/Tripping-over-Truth-Overturning-Entrenched/dp/1603587292

Optune – https://www.optune.com/




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