Episode 77: High Voltage PEMF for equine, furry friends, and humans with Alane Paulley

Have you dipped your toe in the waters of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy? Are you aware it is the gold standard of care for horses performing in the Kentucky Derby? So if people are using this safe, effective modality on million-dollar horses….why don’t you have one in your living room?! Listen to this podcast to find out why animals are the ultimate barometer for the power of this technology to help shift the terrain and increase healing times! Join Alane Paulley as she pilots of my favorite high voltage PEMF technologies to the forefront of the equine world and beyond!

What a gift to have Alane Paulley on the beautifully Broken Podcast! Her passion is palpable and the enthusiasm we both share for the integration of technology to upgrade the wellness of pets, horses, and people is an undeniable force.

A woman who deftly juggles the responsibilities of work and family, while taking bold business leaps along the way, Alane manages a multimillion-dollar brand and helps run a nonprofit in Louisville. She joined her mother and father as the first official “employee” at MagnaWave in 2012. Together, they began building on MagnaWave’s success in the equine market with the addition of human and small animal PEMF training. As well as launching a new line of MagnaWave machines that combine innovation, technology, and affordability together to help more people and animals. Alane shares her parent’s passion for MagnaWave because she has seen first-hand how this incredible modality has changed the health of her own family and thousands of others. As a wife and mother of 3 children, Alane shares her experiences with work-life balance, health, and wellness on her monthly Women’s Wellness Webinar, you can watch those on our YouTube Channel @magnawavepemf, also follow her on Instagram @aPEMFlife.


1:35 Alane recalls the start of her family business, involving her mom buying a PEMF machine and her dad using it to treat horses.

6:51 Freddie asks Alane about the kind of shifts she has encountered when using PEMF on big animals (like horses).

9:48 The different tolerance levels of different animals (from dogs and horses) towards magnetic fields.

12:43 Finding sensitivity areas and how the body (may it be a human, a dog, or a horse’s) actually recognizes the magnetic fields around you.

18:12 Freddie and Alane talk about the life-changing benefits of PEMF and why those who haven’t tried PEMF should definitely give it a go.

21:25 As Alane previously mentioned microcurrent, Freddie goes into and in depth description of frequencies, and how microcurrent and PEMF work together to give your body the tools that it will need to heal.

27:57 Using low and high Power PEMF machines in order to empower your body’s natural bone Healing.

31:52 Alane shares another set of PEMF stories, this time involving dogs. 

34:21 Freddie and Alane have an exchange as to why these natural modalities (like PEMF, frequencies, and many others) should be a big part of the mainstream paradigm.

30:19 Freddie gives his two final questions. Alane shares her thoughts on what it means to be Beautifully Broken.



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