Episode 7: Dirty Cheerios for Breakfast?

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Would you serve your kids Dirty Cheerios for breakfast covered with Roundup for? I want to put this in perspective: Last year the European journal of Environmental Sciences revealed that Americans have applied 1.8 million tons of glyphosate since 1974 to its food supply. Worldwide the total is 9.4 million tons that has been sprayed onto fields. If you need a strong visual that’s the water in 2,300 Olympic- swimming pools. Some of the strongest concentrations are in breakfast cereals served in the United States.

Go ahead and let your mind wander, and imagine where this chemical infiltrates. If you think you are immune to this problem, you have ignored science. It is time to step up to the plate and be an active participant in the massive course correct that needs to happen today!


– 0:40 – A major victory for our health and safety (plus a shocking discovery)

– 2:54 – Fun facts about your breakfast cereal

– 4:52 – Protect yourself from harm with these easy-to-implement action steps in kitchen

– 5:17 – Tip #1 (and why)

– 5:52 – Tip #2 (and why)

– 7:12 – Tip #3 (and why)

– 8:06 – Tip #4 (and why)

– 8:40 – Tip #5 (and why)

– 9:16 – Tip #6 (and why)

– 9:52 – The big takeaway

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