Episode 64:From dropout to self-made Millionaire with David Neagle

A former high school dropout and minimum-wage forklift driver, David suffered a near-death incident where he was pulled into a dam, broke his back, and nearly drowned. No one expected David to survive the accident and the rescue workers even told his family that he was dead.

But David survived. He made the decision that day to begin the journey responsible for changing his entire life. Through the power of mindset work, he incrementally and systematically increased his income and eventually became a multimillion-dollar business owner.

Since then, David has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners tap into their unlimited potential in order to grow their businesses and achieve their dreams – including New York Times best-selling author Jen Sincero.  

David is a perfect fit for The Beautifully Broken Podcast. He shares his powerful redemption story, three simple changes that unlocked his life, exercises to help anyone get through COVID (and any trying time), and how David would improve the world after we get past this pandemic. This is an inspiring and encouraging conversation. Please enjoy.


1:24 – David’s pain to power scenario

10:09 – Three things that David tried for one year that changed his life

16:00 – Why those 3 things unlocked David’s future

17:28 – The role of mentors in our lives

24:23 – The dangers of living in absolutes

26:45 – How COVID is impacting the conversations and divisions in the US

33:25 – What if things don’t go back to normal, what then?

38:36 – Exercises to cultivate what’s necessary to succeed during and after COVID

45:08 – Actions to take to feel good and safe right now

46:48 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?

48:50 – Three things that would change post-COVID with David’s magic wand



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Interview: David Neagle

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