Episode 63:Toxic with Dr. Neil Nathan

Neil Nathan, MD, has been practicing medicine for forty-seven years. He has been Board Certified in Family Practice and Pain Management and is a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and a board member of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI). For many years, he has worked primarily with patients who had not received a diagnosis from conventional medical sources, and especially with patients whose illness has made them unusually sensitive and toxic (hence difficult to treat). 

Neil has lectured to medical audiences both nationally and internationally. He has written several books, including Healing Is Possible: New Hope for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Persistent Pain, and Other Chronic Illnesses; On Hope and Healing: For Those Who Have Fallen Through the Medical Cracks; and Mold and Mycotoxins: Current Evaluation and Treatment. 

He has hosted an internationally syndicated radio program/podcast on VoiceAmerica called The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today. He also is a researcher and has published several papers, the most important being “Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” with Dr. Robert Naviaux. Dr. Nathan’s medical practice is the Redwood Valley Clinic in Northern California.

In this deep look on chronic illnesses, Freddie and Neil discuss why symptoms are the key to start your healing journey, the impact of mold while we shelter-in-place, how and why binders could work for you, the connection between EMF and mold, and so much more. If you need concrete steps you can take today to feel better, this interview is for you.


2:01 – Why it’s so hard to improve consistently with chronic illness

4:38 – How Dr. Nathan found his sandbox

8:50 – Symptoms are the key to unlocking your healing

15:25 – What symptoms do you start addressing first?

23:57 – How can we calm systems on high-alert?

29:31 – The impact of mold while sheltering-in-place

35:14 – Are we overreacting to COVID-19?

42:30 – Why do binders not work for me?

52:20 – You do not have to push through the pain to heal

54:17 – How do EMF and mold interact and relate?

1:00:09 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?



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Interview: Neil Nathan

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