Episode 56: The Caregiver, AmpCoil, and Unlearning Sickness with Anahita Yazdi

Episode Notes

Anahita Yazdi is a Wellness Guide that specializes in Body and Energy work and PEMF technology. Her intention is to help guide your nervous system out of fight or flight and into rest and repair so you feel at home in your body again.

In the rest state, your body begins to remember its innate wisdom of how to find balance and heal. The more often you access this state, the more harmonized and resilient your body, mind and spirit become. 

Ana uses massage, energy work, breathwork and PEMF frequecies to remind your body and shows you that the power of well-being is always within you.  Ana’s approach is one of self empowerment. Through her work massage, energy work, breathwork and PEMFs, she reminds and shows you that the power of well being is always within you. 

In this honest and deep conversation, Anahita shares her personal healing journey and her role as a caregiver to her human. While those dealing with chronic illness often demand and warrant our full attention, frequently the caregivers that facilitate the healing gets forgotten. In this encouraging episode, the spotlight is directed toward the caregivers on our journey, their importance, their feelings, and how we as humans can better support all those on our healing journey.


1:06 – How Anahita introduced AmpCoil into her home

6:20 – Trusting your intuition for some of life’s major decisions

7:47 – Discovering with your partner that chronic illness will now be a part of your story

12:21 – How life teaches us what we really need to know

19:17 – Cancer over Lyme disease?

22:18 – Supporting your partner’s decision for their own healing journey

24:47 – Are we putting enough energy towards healing?

29:49 – The pain and struggles of caring for a loved one with chronic illness

35:16 – Is death the only way out of pain?

36:55 – The one thing that we leave behind on Earth

41:38 – How Anahita heard the call to enter the wellness space

44:56 – How sickness can make you fearless (for better and worse)

48:51 – The future of AmpCoil 3.0

50:56 – Anahita’s vision for her human’s healing future

53:15 – Unlearning sickness 

59:51 – Some advice on kratom

1:02:54 – Connect with Anahita

1:07:45 – Final words of wisdom and support to caregivers


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Interview: Anahita Yadiz

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