Episode 53: Tracy Harrison on Metal Toxicity, Health Coaches and the School of Applied Functional Medicine

The School of Applied Functional Medicine™ (SAFM) began humbly in 2009 because Tracy Harrison felt restless to make a substantial difference. She taught those first classes right in her kitchen! In 2011, SAFM was transformed into an online school. Since then, the school has evolved into a distinguished online academy.


Tracy Harrison is a powerhouse of applied functional medicine insight (among many other talents), which she generously and liberally shares with her students. Plus, her energy and lightness make this challenging experience fun. She’s an engaging speaker and inspired teacher – as you will hear in this interview. 


Tracy is the founder of Eat on Purpose Health Coaching (her private practice – which still has a perpetual waiting list!), The School of Applied Functional Medicine™, and the Good Medicine Movement™. Tracy has the mission to empower inspired health practitioners with cutting-edge competence in functional medicine know-how and the confidence to use it boldly, bringing abundance to both patients and practitioners.


When not out to change the world, Tracy enjoys following her passions, which include problem-solving, systems dynamics, public speaking, and inspiring people to reach for the powerful potential she sees in them. She lives with her sweetheart and beloved family of rescued puppies in the beautiful mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. Tracy loves evening fires, hiking, gourmet meals, and singing.


In this insightful and energizing conversation, Tracy and Freddie discuss the importance of seeking our her root causes on your health journey, why we should all have a goal of feeling fantastic (and knowing that it’s possible), what conventional and functional medicine both lack and one of Freddie’s favorite answers to what beautifully broken means.



1:53 – 3 factors that make The School of Applied Functional Medicine unique

6:09 – What does it mean to do the work, and why it’s essential

9:10 – Reminding the body that it’s fantastic and how to feel that way

14:33 – How Tracy started slinging health and wellness after watching ants for hours

20:46 – The origination of Tracy’s passion for SAFM

25:51 – How can heavy metals, lead, and other environmental cues cause such negative health outcomes?

29:53 – One way to imagine how lead impacts the body

33:22 – How Tracy’s fresh eyes helped her see a need in health

39:38 – What conventional medicine lacks

45:24 – What SAFM offers

48:38 – Why doctors and nurses need coaches

52:10 – Should clean food and proper health care be reasonably priced?

1:00:19 – “God was in the drug.”

1:06:30 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?

1:08:57 – Overwhelmed? Take this small step toward your overall improvement.



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I’m Freddie Kimmel, a Functional Health Coach, Reiki Healer, Certified Personal Trainer, Gut Health Specialist, and a proud cancer survivor. I help men and women eliminate brain fog, bloat and belly fat through gut health.


I’ve been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the Full Plate Podcast, An Excellent Example of Being Human, State of the Arts on LA talk radio and Dance Magazine. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Brockport, attended SUNY Fredonia, and graduated from the Institute of Functional Health Coaching.


I can be found in NYC living each day to its fullest and focused on creating more value than what I capture. Please stand back from the awesomeness that’s about to unfold. 



Interview: Tracy Harrison

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