Episode 51: The Rogue Map with Tyler Lewis

Tyler Lewis, creator of the Rogue Map is going to revolutionize and change the face of wellness for parents, caregivers, and their children. Every so often a human comes along with the motivation, energy and drive to noon only create a new paradigm but see it into creation. Tyler is that human.

Before entering into the autism community, Tyler was an autism mom looking for answers and healing for her son. She became a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a Board Certified Drugless Practitioner and opened her own autism treatment practice. She owns Rogue Family Wellness in Denver, Colorado where she and her team specialize in comprehensive detoxification, genetics, and virology. Her son Donovan is now in managed recovery and Tyler is committed to helping as many autism parents as possible achieve the same outcome. Tyler is currently focusing her efforts on her new project The Rogue Map, which is an online wellness plan for overcoming chronic illness. The Rogue Map is a unique online program that features a members community of support, secure forums, exclusive discounts on supplements and wellness products, as well as expertly guided education by top integrative practitioners in the community. It was Tyler’s dream to create a resource that empowered families to take charge of their health and become healers in their own home.

In this wide-ranging, challenging, and inspiring conversation, Tyler will provide actionable tips to help your children begin to heal from autism, PANS/PANDAS, and other chronic illnesses. Freddie and Taylor dive deep on the ionic foot bath, offer advice for parents seeking to help their children heal, and quite possibly stumble on the thing to heal this entire world. Get ready to take notes!


2:10 – What is the Rogue Map?

10:00 – Living and managing PANS/PANDAS

15:00 – Accepting and opening to all forms of healing modalities

19:45 – Sources of deeper detoxification (and what it really means)

26:34 – Going deep on the ionic footbath and its benefits

32:22 – Advice for parents seeking to help their kids get better

36:54 – Does my child need to be chronically ill to benefit from the Rogue Map?

37:58 – Have humans earned the chronic illnesses we’re dealing with?

41:00 – The vision and future of the Rogue Map

43:41 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?


Join the Rogue map: https://qi729.isrefer.com/go/roguemap/beautifullybroken/

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Interview: Tyler Davis

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