Episode 5: Mario Campanaro-From Chronic Illness to Hollywood and Beyond!

Mario Campanaro has truly walked the hero’s journey through chronic illness and beyond. He’s one of the most inspiring young artists making a massive impact in Hollywood and you will soon see nothing stands in his way! Are you ready to go deep on this heartfelt interview?

A master teacher in the world of film, t.v. and stage.  He is internationally renown for his intuitive gifts as a teacher. He’s the go-to coach for some of the biggest names in the industry and loved for the high standard of work he cultivates in his students.

Most importantly…above all else….Mario is profoundly dedicated to helping the actor learn their craft, free their instrument,  assist in unlocking its fullest potential. In addition/ He has performed in television, film, as well as on the Broadway stage…creating a dream career anyone in the arts would covet.

If overcoming the extreme adversity of making a career in the performing arts was not enough, Mario has also overcome some incredible obstacles physically and spiritually.

In his early thirties, Mario was diagnosed with a mystery chronic illness nearly losing his life. He traveled to the corners of the world to explore every option to survive. His pain to power scenario is as inspiring as any human I have ever had the chance to connect with. Never the victim, Mario continues to pursue the quest for truth and excellence and authenticity in EVERY area of his life.

Highlights of our conversation:

– 1:56 – Who is Mario?

– 4:51 – Mario’s beautifully broken story

– 7:02 – The demoralizing effects of being invalidated

– 10:58 – We all need help in our medical journey

– 15:20 – How Freddie and Mario met (it’s unusual)

– 16:22 – Mario travels the world seeking healing

– 19:08 – The importance of art as medicine

– 21:42 – We all carry our own pain, honor that.

– 24:33 – The necessity of the artist to help others understand the human condition

– 28:15 – The financial costs of a healing journey: a conversation on medical tourism.

– 32:52 – The value of bartering our healthcare

– 36:18 – You must take responsibility for your own health

– 39:45 – Learning to cry again (and getting addicted to Catfish)

– 44:22 – Mario’s top healing modalities

– 52:12 – Would you trade your pain for better days?

– 53:38 – Some advice for those at their lowest lows

Connect with Mario:

– Read Man’s Search for Meaning  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4069

– Check out his website – http://www.mariocampanaro.com/

– Read his blog – http://www.mariocampanaro.com/blog/

– Follow on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mariocampanaro/  

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– Interview: Mario Campanaro

– [Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary][1]

[1]: https://twitter.com/spelledgeary/ “Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary”