Episode 44: Forgive into Love

We’ve just moved through a major holiday in the United States – Thanksgiving – and it’s a great time to think about a difficult, yet essential topic, forgiveness. Have you heard others say these words? “He ruined my life.” “She hurt me to a degree I will never love again.” “This doctor’s misdiagnosis has caused me permanent suffering.” There are consequences for holding these beliefs for a lifetime. In this episode, we look at how we can begin to move forward in forgiveness and the positive ripples it will have in our life.



0:54 – Do you have a good barometer for how much anger and resentment you hold in your body?

2:53 – The poison I voluntarily drink

4:53 – How my judgmental loop started

6:36 – My cancer misdiagnosis

8:35 – Why it’s healthy to forgive

10:23 – Tips to get started with forgiveness

14:55 – One free action that helped unlock my healing

18:31 – A closing thought from Neale Donald Walsch



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