Episode 40:The Healing Touch with Edan Harari


Edan Harari is a pioneer in shifting paradigms around healing and wellness. He is an authority and educator in the world of health and healing. As a therapeutic artist and gifted healing facilitator, his sensitive touch, heightened awareness and intuitive abilities allow him to truly listen to the subtle messages of his clients’ bodies.

Edan’s past experiences with debilitating illnesses, diseases and dysfunctions have given him the experience and capacity to work with anyone who suffers from pain. His life and practice completely transformed when he discovered the potent healing wisdom of Ortho-Bionomy and John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR). Edan believes that the more modalities that the healing facilitator is trained in, the more tools he has to choose from during his clients’ sessions.

In his free time, you can catch him dancing both on stages and at events, practicing some form of other movement art (such as the Ido Portal Method), in-line skating, skateboarding and long-boarding, slacklining, biking, snowboarding, surfing, traveling and spending time in nature.

In this conversation, Edan and Freddie discuss the power of physical touch, why Western medicine frequently fails to address the true cause of our pain, the role of language in massage, and much more. Freddie considers Edan one of the top 10 practitioners he’s ever worked with – listen to this podcast to know why!


2:05 – How Edan supports healing

5:20 – Why Edan is so passionate about facilitating our body’s own healing

8:58 – Tuning into your own body

13:23 – The reasons crying and laughing are great medicine for the body

18:50 – Finding calm in the hustle of work and the city

20:49 – The future of Edan’s practice

23:22 – How self-treatment differs from physical touch

26:02 – We are wounded warriors – we are not broken

28:17 – The cause and the symptoms are very different

33:41 – Listen to your inner child, i.e. your body

36:51 – What happens to our body in times of shock and trauma

41:53 – How traumatic experiences make it harder to heal

44:11 – The power of feeling safe

46:18 – Powerful healing modalities to consider

48:12 – Where you might go next to further your healing path


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I’m Freddie Kimmel, a Functional Health Coach, Reiki Healer, Certified Personal Trainer, Gut Health Specialist, and proud cancer survivor. I help men and women eliminate brain fog, bloat and belly fat through gut health.

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Interview: Edan Harari

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