Episode 26: A major Difference in Detox with Ionic Foot Baths, Autism and Real Food.

Dr. Terri Hirning’s background with The Great Plains Laboratory gives her a strong understanding of laboratory testing while her current work with New Beginnings Nutritionals provides in-depth training in the implementation of supplement programs (in conjunction with a healthy diet) to support optimal wellness. Her extensive knowledge of nutrient-dense and healing foods allows Terri to put together a complete program that is not only practical for individuals and families but also brings results of improved health and wellness.

Terri’s son Matthew is the inspiration for her work with others. Through his journey to being considered recovered from autism, Terri has gained an understanding of the intricate issues that can be involved in this disorder. She continues to seek answers and solutions by attending and speaking at conferences and workshops across the country.

Terri is committed to meeting clients where they are and listening to their needs and desires so she can design a nutritional and supplement plan that works for them.

Terri and I go into how the ionic foot bath can help you, discuss the controversy around this modality, the importance of detoxification in our modern world, and how this modality could help children with autism.

Highlights of our conversation:
– 1:26 – The story behind The Real Food Mum
– 2:58 – The real-life lessons of Terri’s journey
– 5:40 – How the ionic foot bath helped Terri’s autistic child
– 12:26 – How it works and what makes the AMD foot bath unique
– 20:17 – The various reactions and physical states caused by the foot bath
– 21:56 – What do the different colors mean?
– 27:49 – Can organic products protect you?
– 33:22 – Supplements can be good, but they can also mask the symptoms
– 37:47 – Do we need to add good stuff we are losing when we detox?
– 40:29 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?
– 42:15 – How do I take the first step to heal these toxins?

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– Interview: Terri Hirning
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