Episode 25: The Unexpected Joy of Sobriety with Laura McKowen

Laura McKowen is one of the foremost voices in the modern recovery movement, having helped thousands of people reframe addiction and transform their lives through her writing, teaching, and speaking.

She writes an award-winning blog, hosted the iTunes Top 100 HOME podcast, and currently hosts Spiritualish, a show that provides an irreverent take on self-development and spirituality. She has been featured in WebMD, New York Post, Huffington Post, the TODAY show, and more.

Laura has an MBA from Babson College and spent 15 years in advertising, managing million-dollar accounts for Fortune 100 companies before transitioning to writing and teaching. She’s the founder of *The Bigger Yes* and *We Are the Luckiest*, online programs for personal development and sobriety. She teaches workshops and retreats all over the United States.

Her first book, *We Are The Luckiest: The Unexpected Joy of a Sober Life* is forthcoming in January 2020.

This conversation will connect with anyone who has had to face any addictions, obstacles, or change in their life. Even though Laura’s journey includes getting sober, her lessons and life-learnings have far greater implications. We discuss AA, how to attract big doers, friendship, parenthood, and end with a meaningful question to challenge you as we leave.


Highlights of our conversation:

 – 2:32 – Laura’s core message – devoting yourself to the bigger yes

 – 4:51 – How the universe’s complexity helps solve our problems

 – 7:39 – Exploring a more chaotic time in Laura’s journey

 – 12:12 – Laura’s reckoning with her addiction

 – 15:14 – Addiction recovery is never a clean process

 – 20:31 – Laura’s thoughts on AA and why she doesn’t call herself an alcoholic

 – 27:06 – Some tools that helped Laura move past her addiction

 – 30:33 – How Laura started to attract the big doers

 – 33:25 – The life-changing mind shift of battling something you never saw for your life

 – 35:34 – Dealing with a solitary existence and being at a different stage than others

 – 39:22 – Moving past limiting stories with old connections

 – 41:24 – Laura discusses her sobriety memoir and how it’s different from what’s out there

 – 44:00 – Does Laura see her future creating an addiction program?

 – 45:12 – How Laura’s daughter sees her mom

 – 48:09 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?

 – 49:34 – Laura’s challenge to you

 – 51:05 – Connect with Laura


Connect with Laura:

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 – Pre-order *We are the Luckiest*https://www.lauramckowen.com/books

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 – Interview: Laura McKowen

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