Episode 24: The Busy Bee Syndrome-Taking control of your time

If there is one phrase that triggers my inner eye-roll it’s when a client uses “busy” as an excuse for not doing the work. In this episode, we break down what the word really means and how we might choose a different descriptor that empowers, instead of creating weakness. Words build the world around us and through their use we have the power to create castles and heavenly landscapes or the broken carnival ride in which we uncomfortably sit waiting for more power. Join the Beautifully Broken tribe in some good old fashioned grammatical upgrades this week and see how we might expand our potential for amazingness.

Show Notes:

Freddie guides you through five steps to take “I’m too busy” permanently off your excuses list.


  • 1:33 – If your cells are healthy, you’ll be healthy
  • 2:51 – A PSA for ghosting
  • 3:40 – Freddie’s coaching journey for each client
  • 5:05 – Freddie tackles the most common heard excuse
  • 6:54 – Busy is a choice
  • 7:24 – 5 steps to reach your goals and eradicate busy
  • 7:39 – #1
  • 8:49 – #2
  • 10:18 – #3
  • 10:54 – #4
  • 12:17 – #5


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About me:

I’m Freddie Kimmel, a Functional Health Coach, Reiki Healer, Certified Personal Trainer, Gut Health Specialist, and proud cancer survivor. I help men and women eliminate brain fog, bloat and belly fat through gut health.

I’ve been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the Full Plate Podcast, An Excellent Example of Being Human, State of the Arts on LA talk radio and Dance Magazine. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Brockport, attended SUNY Fredonia, and graduated from the Institute of Functional Health Coaching.

I can be found in NYC living each day to its fullest and focused on creating more value then what I capture. Please stand back from the awesomeness that’s about to unfold.


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