Episode 23: Kari Uselman- To Quantum Biofeedback and Beyond

Kari A. Uselman, Ph.D. has been in private practice since 2006. Kari is a nationally certified Biofeedback Specialist and Homeo-Therapeutic Coach. Kari holds a doctorate in Wellness and Education. She specializes in holistic wellness weaving her knowledge, intuition and skills to meet her client’s needs. 


Kari is also a Craniosacral and Semato Emotional Release Practitioner trained through the Upledger Institute. In addition, Kari incorporates various healing modalities into her sessions including mud packing trauma sites to support her clients.


Kari has studied and participated in a variety of wellness education programs and practices for over 20 years including flower essences, essential oils, and healthy cooking.


In addition, Kari has over 15 years’ experience in reading, language, learning disabilities, and wellness which she weaves into her healing practice.


A wide-ranging conversation with a deep dive into Lyme disease, Kari will provide detailed information on several healing modalities, discuss how our lineage impacts our own healing journey, and leave us with a great challenge question to tackle today.


Highlights of our conversation:

 – 1:37 – An introduction to Kari’s work

 – 2:57 – A wellness fair changes Kari’s journey

 – 6:37 – An explainer on quantum biofeedback

 – 12:47 – The clues in our body to listen for

 – 13:37 – Breaking down a diagnosis (along with the word)

 – 17:37 – Getting back in balance

 – 22:44 – The healing power of biological encoding

 – 28:40 – How our lineage plays into our health

 – 32:57 – The benefits for 7 generations when you take care of yourself

 – 33:31 – Kari’s journey with Lyme disease

 – 39:39 – Living with Lyme disease and thriving

 – 42:03 – Additional healing modalities and testing for Lyme disease

 – 47:06 – Everything has a frequency – and what that means for you

 – 53:11 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?

 – 55:34 – Kari leaves us with a challenge to do today


Connect with Kari:


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 – Interview: Kari Uselman

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