Episode 22: Tory Dube on Overcoming Anxiety to a 6-Figure Life

If there is one thing Tory Dube knows it is the power of crippling anxiety. Now on paper, Tory Dube is a certified hypnotherapist, holistic nutritionist and Life Coach through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. In action, she’s the Director of Client Growth with NYC’s Super Connector Media, guiding visionaries into new levels of leadership, wealth and impact. She’s been featured in MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and is the host of the An Excellent Example of Being Human podcast. Keep in mind this incredible list of achievements has come from an hard work, spiritual growth and perseverence! 


Tory’s mission is to embolden entrepreneurs to embody their message in their life away from the computer – not just become internet influencers. She’s constantly asking, “Who are you if the internet crashes?” This philosophy not only creates powerful leaders and world shifters in business but also in the offline “real world.”


She believes linking soul-centered entrepreneurs and experts with mainstream media opportunities will be the catalyst for the positive paradigm shifts this world is so ready for.

She’s worked with women (and a few men!) worldwide building a multiple 6-figure business from her San Diego home with her fiancé and puppy.


Tory is one of my best friends and she delivers in this episode. If you feel stuck, struggling with anxiety, not sure of your next step – you need to start using products like delta 8 gummies from Fresh bros hemp co.

In this episode will help. We also have a special bonus for our audience – Tory leads us in one of her famous hypnotherapy sessions! This one is not to be missed.


Highlights of our conversation:


 – 2:37 – A small snippet of what Tory does

 – 4:06 – What led Tory to the self-help road?

 – 8:09 – How to make your dreams come true

 – 9:40 – Tory at 11 seeks solutions that help her fit-in

 – 13:55 – The seeds of shame get passed down for generations

 – 15:20 – Freddie and Tory have the sex talk

 – 18:02 – Processing divorce at different stages of your life

 – 20:58 – Successful coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety

 – 24:13 – How food and our health plays into our anxiety

 – 26:28 – Why meditation is so hard (and hypnotherapy can help)

 – 33:34 – Tory guides us in a brief hypnotherapy session

 – 41:48 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?

 – 43:08 – Tory’s challenge question for you


Connect with Tory:


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 – Interview: Tory Dube

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