Episode 17: Dr. Ann Shippy- Is toxic mold your kryptonite

Toxic mold expert

Dr. Ann Shippy is a functional medicine doctor with a nose and eye for mold. She works with people across the country who have fallen ill to toxic mold exposure and assists clients to identify secret triggers that are holding them back from elite health. After the staggering statistics citing toxic mold as an increasing trend with current building materials, she asks the audience a simple question. Is your home making your sick?

Dr. Ann Shippy uses cutting-edge science, innovative testing, research and genetic information to determine and address the root causes of health issues – not simply treat the symptoms of illness. She approaches each patient as a whole person, and they form a therapeutic partnership to achieve the highest standard of health.

“I began my career in medicine when the traditional approach and application of allopathic medicine could not solve my own health issues. I was working as an IBM engineer for over a decade when I became so frustrated with my healthcare situation that I decided to leave the field of engineering and attend The University of Texas Medical School.”

Now it sounds to me like there is a story there: Can that be our place to jump into the pool?

Ann’s hope is to contribute to and inspire a positive movement towards solving some of the more complex health challenges we face today – and to help create a world where everyone has the opportunity for wellness. #EVERYLIFEWELL


Highlights of our conversation:


– 1:40 – Leaving engineering to push back against the traditional approach

– 3:34 – Ann’s key discoveries in her pain-to-power scenario

– 4:39 – How did Ann become an expert in mold?

– 7:16 – The kryptonite mold that could be in your house

– 10:51 – Where to look for the hidden mold in your home

– 13:28 – How to check for mold in your home

– 17:52 – What do we do if we find toxic mold?

– 20:41 – How does mold impact our cells?

– 22:15 – Tackling the toxicity of mold in your body

– 25:34 – Are there places more likely to have mold in the home?

– 26:32 – Can an infrared sauna detox the body?

– 28:39 – Mold can take over your emotions and personality

– 33:20 – Do extended fasts help detoxify the body?

– 36:51 – Is my wi-fi signal making me sick?

– 40:35 – Are we getting sicker?

– 42:36 – Can I get better?

– 43:15 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?

– 44:08 – Helpful tips to be healthier


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– Interview: Ann Shippy

– Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary – andrew@51features.com