Episode 16: Nelly Robinson-The Top Chef who killed Bambi’s mother

Nelly Robinson began his career as a kitchen hand at the age of 14 receiving training from the legendary Nigel Hawthorne. In the last decade, he has found his footing as one of Australia’s top chef personalities. Nelly has been a competitor in the Taste of Abu Dhabi World’s Best Dish competition with 11 leading chefs from around the globe. He has designed a menu and had the honor of cooking for Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday celebration at the British High Commission.

This is something we will get into today but Nel, (Nelly’s smash hit restaurant) was voted best restaurant in Australia by Timeout, and the people of Australia also awarding him the #1 best restaurant in the country.

His attention to detail, especially when it comes to guest interaction, has earned him a loyal following of international and local guests.

Highlights of our conversation:

– 2:21 – How Nelly discovered his calling
– 5:25 – Kitchen choreography
– 7:15 – Taking pride in your craft
– 8:25 – What it’s like dining at the best restaurant in Australia
– 12:30 – Dining out should be a once-in-a-lifetime, theatrical experience
– 13:36 – The sacrifice for a life in the arts
– 16:50 – Staying physically and mentally healthy in the arts
– 19:04 – Australia doesn’t believe in lyme disease?
– 27:39 – Living a positive and active life with lyme disease
– 31:43 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?
– 33:42 – How can I become a better cook?

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– Interview: Nelly Robinson
– Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary – andrew@51features.com