Episode 15: Pamela Gold-Biohacking NYC with HACKD Fitness

It’s time to get HACKD! Are you ready to experience the latest in workout and recovery technology in the heart of NYC? Pamela Gold has created a system that gets you quantified results in 40 minutes a week! It’s time to maximize your fitness level and quality of life. Hear the story behind one of the biohacking communities most original boss ladies taking the fitness industry by storm. Do not miss this inspirational speaker who is living a dream life with strength, power, and biceps to make anyone jealous!


Pamela has been passionate about mind, body and spirit optimization from a very young age.  An overachiever from the start, she grew up on a farm in upstate New York, attended Yale University as a Microbiology and Biochem major, and then moved to NYC where she supported the growth of a restaurant chain from 18 locations to over 100 and was the point person on an IPO, all by the age of 24. After becoming a mom, she became passionate about physical fitness and wellness and founded Fulfill Fitness, specializing in personal training and nutrition coaching.  She then spent two years as President of The Beacon Program, a NYC behavioral therapy-based food and weight clinic.


HACKD Fitness represents what Pamela sees as the future of fitness: the convergence of science and tech to give us the next generation of evidence-based evolution.


Pamela is also the best-selling author of Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness. She lives in NYC with her husband Roger and 2 children, Talia and Jesse.


Highlights of our conversation:


– 1:34 – All about HACKD

– 2:46 – The machine that sets HACKD apart

– 5:32 – It’s all about optimization

– 7:52 – One of Pamela’s favorite wearable fitness tools

– 12:50 – Unlocking your mind in your fitness

– 16:41 – Will I fit in at this gym?

– 20:19 – How overtraining can speed up the aging process

– 24:25 – Self-care is not indulgent

– 26:06 – Pamela’s pain to power story

– 28:47 – Pamela’s daily meditation (what it looks like)

– 34:15 – Pamela and Freddie walk down quantum lane

– 39:09 – Science and experience can work together

– 43:43 – Workouts are not the only way to find dopamine hits

– 45:10 – How to keep leveling up

– 49:29 – Getting in touch with HACKD (and a gift for listeners)


Connect with Pamela:

– Check out her fitness studio – https://hackdfitness.com/

– Read her book – https://www.amazon.com/Find-More-Strength-Unlimited-Happiness-ebook/dp/B06XZKTNMN


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About me:


I’m Freddie Kimmel, a Functional Health Coach, Reiki Healer, Certified Personal Trainer, Gut Health Specialist, and proud cancer survivor. I help men and women eliminate brain fog, bloat and belly fat through gut health.


I’ve been featured in *The Wall Street Journal*, the Full Plate Podcast, An Excellent Example of Being Human, State of the Arts on LA talk radio and *Dance Magazine*. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Brockport, attended SUNY Fredonia, and graduated from the Institute of Functional Health Coaching.


I can be found in NYC living each day to its fullest and focused on creating more value then what I capture. Please stand back from the awesomeness that’s about to unfold.




– Interview: Pamela Gold

– Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary – andrew [at] 51features.com