Episode 13: Harmful EMF’s, Tesla Coils and Ghost Stories

It was in Kenya that David and Margie Slinger started on the journey of education and awareness about energy balancing and mitigation of harmful EMF’s. While digging the foundations of their house 100 kilometers from Mombasa, they found human skeletons…they were living on a burial ground for slaves.  

They started searching around for an answer and it was then that they discovered the work of Wilhelm Reich, a 1940’s scientist who discovered a way to move life energy. They started making devices and burying them, not only on their plot but in the caves where the slaves had been held before being shipped to the slave markets in Zanzibar. Changes were apparent not only to the energy of the place but also to people’s health.

The irony was that although they lived in a traditional village with no electricity or running water, there was a cell phone tower! The Africans who could hardly afford square meals struggled to own cell phones, which they proudly carried as a status symbol while they were unaware that they were destroying their health.

The local hospital boomed with new patients…and so their research and education on life energy and EMF continued.

Eventually, they returned to New Zealand and life kept presenting opportunities. Today they run the website and business Life Energy Solutions and create beautiful jewelry and home protection devices that greatly help with the negative effects of radio frequency and EMF. They make no claims other than they have proof that the devices work. Their aim is to empower as many people as possible with protection and information.

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Highlights of our conversation:

– 1:06 – A classic horror story to introduce ourselves to the Slinger’s
– 5:58 – The Slinger’s discover a solution and found their company
– 9:49 – Your body is an electrically being before it’s a physical being – we’re guinea pigs
– 11:11 – Should we be concerned about 5G?
– 13:04 – The impact of Wi-Fi and other signals on you
– 16:57 – The science behind the Slinger’s products
– 23:19 – Exploring biofeedback and its benefits (and how to test it yourself)
– 29:15 – Moving into the stronger systems for your healing journey
– 32:22 – What is a quantum scalar box?
– 37:43 – The alternatives to blasting your body with antibiotics
– 43:43 – Tesla’s renaissance

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– Interview: David and Margie Slinger
– Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary – spelledgeary.gmail.com