Episode 110 : Are you a Leader?



Season 3 Finally: Are you ready to Lead?

Episode Summary

In this episode, Freddie takes the time to examine Season 3 and the wonderful Gold-Nuggets-of-Wisdom left by the impressive guest list. From breathwork coaches to deliberate cold exposure, to surviving stage 4 cancer, to micro-dosing psychedelics and beyond. . . And then what? . . What do I do with all this information?! I put it into practice. I bring the words and the physical techniques into repeated, daily, actions.

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Episode Notes

What keeps Freddie busy?
Well, he’s keeping tabs now for the upcoming season, checking out the best topics to share and discuss with everyone. And, he’s into Celsius these days, a safe place to store cryptocurrencies. You may want to check this out! The link is in this note.
[0:00] Freddie’s introduction and recap of what changed in the last 20 weeks!
[2:48] Freddie’s ups and downs in Austin
[6:58] Sarah Glick and Glen Wilhelm and more…
[9:49] The breathwork coaches of elite fame
[25:33] Closing remarks


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