Episode 109 : The Ultimate IV Vitamin Stack with MSW Lounge

In this episode, Freddie invites Jonathan Mendoza, known to many as “Nurse Doza” and Baldomero Garza, AKA “Baldo,” who are both known for their magic in the health and nutrition universe. Nurse Doza is the founder of MSW Health Lounge and co-founder of MSW Nutrition based in Austin, Texas. Baldo is the vice president of Health Lounge as well as is a certified yoga instructor. Together they have visioned and created a safe space for optimization of the terrain through highly customizer Vitamin IV drips and commUnity.

These two health gurus share their thoughts and beliefs in nutraceuticals and how you can take charge of your health moving forward. Health Lounge provides therapeutic services administered through IV drips. They emphasize how important vitamins are in the body and how we take them affects their efficacy. Through drips, the absorption rate is faster and targeted, making it ideal for everyone with a pulse.

Did you know that they even helped a patient end her five-year struggle with experimental chemotherapy medication to treat cystic fibrosis? Right! It is not a miracle but pure science with evidence through N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) to loosen the mucus build-up in the lungs.

Discover, enlighten, and find meaning in these treatments through a complete cellular upgrade.

What keeps them busy?

Well, Nurse Doza and Baldo are busy providing patients with proper treatment education and the opportunity to grow. They also dedicate time to treatments like NAC and NAD IV Therapy, consult services, labs, IV Drips, and injections.



[1:24] Introducing Nurse Doza and Baldo 

[3:03] Elaborating the inspiration behind Health Lounge

[10:13] Why use drips for vitamins?

[18:01] The story of the lady with cystic fibrosis

[20:11] The NAC treatment process

[25:03] Chemo as a recognized treatment

[29:53] The importance of getting the right treatments and not modalities

[42:27] Why are communities important?

[1:12:18] The concepts of NAD and ATP

[1:19:44]  The addiction protocol

[1:20:56] Signs of crazy withdrawals

[1:46:22] Pain is love: What is that?

[2:00:04] The closing remarks




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