Episode 107: The Recovered Registered Nurse with Angela Ballard

In this episode, Freddie invites Angela Ballard, a registered nurse who fought Lyme Disease using the innovative technology of Ampcoil.

Angela shares her testimony of how she successfully defeated Lyme Disease despite how it affected her physically and emotionally. She also shares her Ampcoil discovery journey – its support team and the overwhelming help she gets from the Ampcoil Community.

Ampcoil Coil is a system that uses sound frequencies produced via a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) which helps the cells to be in tune with the rest of the body. It lets the cells of the body resonate with their natural frequencies. This brings wellness and healing to the body.

3:23 When Lyme Disease started
5:01 Some of her lab results were off for some time already
8:44 Angela left her home to find herself
11:44 Angela returns to her hometown to be with her brother.
12:15 Time of reflection
13:00 She discovers that she had some unresolved emotions
13:46 The turn-around
15:17 Detoxing her body
15:37 She notices how important Amcoil is to her
20:54 What is Amcoil?
27:37 Different people different responses to Amcoil
32:41 The Amcoil Community
34:52 The support of the community is awesome
39:32 Members are genuine
40:49 What’s her next step?
45:35 Advice to a newbie

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