Episode 102: Talking Ice Baths with Jason and Adrienne

Ice Bath

In this episode, Freddie invites Jason Stauffer and Adrienne Jezick – part of the power team in Morozko Forge. With their innovation of an one-of-a-kind ice bath that makes its own ice, they have created ways to be able to connect with your own body and to build resiliency to temperature changes. This is amazing

This episode focuses on promoting the idea of cold therapy and incorporating it in your daily lifestyle. Jason and Adrienne will unpack the features and unique details of The Forge Ice Baths that enhances your physical, emotional, and psychological state. This episode will open your eyes to new ways in optimizing your health.



3:49 Their experience on the relaxing after effects of AmpCoil

7:40 How Jason’s military background impacts his mindset and lifestyle

12:00 How the Forge Ice Baths works and why it’s a natural healing modality

15:08 What sets their Forge Ice Baths apart from others

20:38 How the Forge Ice Baths improves the quality of life

25:20 Ice baths as a business model and their goals of accessibility

33:39 Social Sundays and free ice baths as a way to build the community

38:00 Where you can experience and check out Morozko Forge Ice Baths



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