Episode 1: AmpCoil with Aaron and Geneva Bigelow

AmpCoil: The Vision, the mission, and the big why.


When Aaron and Geneva Bigelow started their healing journey 12 years ago, they believed Lyme disease was going to be part of their lives forever. Having both worked for many years in the biotech industry, they’d tried biofeedback, PEMF, and bioresonance technology, but weren’t getting sustainable results. They eventually found a solution that eliminated the devastating effects of Lyme disease, forever. That is when the AmpCoil was born.


They used a very early prototype to help their family put their lives back together and at the same time, they knew that the mission was much greater than their own family’s wellness.


In this episode, you’ll hear their incredible pain to power scenario, the WHY driving this movement, and the vision for the future of AmpCoil, which as you’ll soon learn is anything but a device company!


Highlights of our conversation:

1:56 – Geneva’s survivor story

3:56 – The western medicine veil

4:40 – Aaron’s survivor story

9:41 – Aaron and Geneva’s storybook romance (takes a sharp turn)

15:01 – A real-life Hollywood story

16:32 – Do I have to be the one to change the world?

18:30 – We are not saving lives.

21:48 – The multiplier effect of a healing soul

23:53 – The reason Aaron and Geneva do this work

25:13 – The next challenge for Aaron and Geneva & the courage of being a parent

34:48 – Making the leap to start healing yourself

40:07 – The science behind the healing

42:41 – Freddie’s testimonial (It’s an exciting time to be alive.)

47:21 – What does it mean to be beautifully broken?

48:41 – A question to take with you on your healing journey


Connect with AmpCoil:

Check out their website – https://www.ampcoil.com/

See AmpCoil’s backstory – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsgfTCSRwCc&t=4s


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Interview: Aaron and Geneva Bigelow

Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary – https://twitter.com/spelledgeary