EP:130 A Nudge Towards Healing, Energy, and Better Sex

In my lived experience, true healing starts with intention. 


Intention or energy behind the action is an important ingredient in any wellness paradigm, 

AND I was missing it for a long time. As many of you know I consider “Biohacking” to be the 

act of utilizing technology or elite supplementation to upgrade your biology. This movement 

has given my personal story a happy ending AND for a long time, I still struggled. 


As the universe would have it, I received a NUDGE to view all the wellness-lifestyle-acts I was doing differently. Today it is the EMBODIMENT of redlight, cold therapy, and breathwork that has created a LASTING shift. That, I might add, continues to grow.


So here is your nudge: “Every day in every way you are getting better and better.”


In this episode, Freddie emphasizes how gradual results are often achieved when consistency is applied through a long enough timeline. We also identify the 2 or 3 small shifts that could make all the difference in your hero’s journey. 


Let’s go!




[00:36] The nudge towards true healing


[01:31] Intentionality behind the act of wellness


[06:18] Freddie’s lived experience 


[08:45] Being present and the results it delivers




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