EP 76: Dr. Ted Achacoso on smart drugs, methylene blue, and community

In this episode, Freddie talks with Dr. Ted Achacoso, the founding pioneer of the clinical practice of Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe). Dr. Ted and Freddie discuss the importance of maintaining your body’s balance through health optimization, using Troscriptions to increase your mind power, and the importance of having heightened awareness in order to achieve a healthier self.


This episode highlights the concept of viewing yourself as an ecosystem and treating your body as something that needs to be in constant balance in order to function at its peak. If you are interested in optimizing your health, creating a better lifestyle, Trocriptions, or just need something interesting to listen to, then you wouldn’t want to miss this episode!



1:49 Dr. Ted talks about the concept of Kintsugi and Wabisabi, and relating it to being beautifully broken – referring to the podcast title.

6:49 The concept of health optimization and how health maintenance is just as important as other concepts in medicine.

11:46 Dr. Ted expands on brain optimization, determining the four major neurotransmitters and their corresponding functions in the body, and why there should be a balance between them.

18:04 Dr. Ted talks about the body being an ecosystem comprised of different bacteria and trying to bring balance to the body’s normal flora.

23:24 Dr. Ted shares his breakthrough creation: Cannatine – a gum containing Methylene Blue that stimulates the neurons and helps out with your memory.

30:15 Freddie talks about the amount of disease in the country and why there is a need for an educational platform, like what Dr. Ted provides. Freddie also talks about his breakthrough experiences with Trosciptions.

37:32 Dr. Ted talks about the need to have heightened awareness especially in this pandemic and that the best way to take care of your health is through scientific guidance.

59:26 The bane of our egoic selves and how modern tools that can help ourselves have a better physical, social, and environmental relationship.

1:02:33 Dr. Ted talks about our sense of self-preservation and asking clients what’s beyond their communities.



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