Ep 129: Environmental Toxicity, Diagnostic Testing, and the Rain Barrel Effect with Dr. Stephen Cabral



This episode is on FIRE, full of functional medicine, and more importantly HOPE.


After 20 years of training, world wide internships, dozens of certifications in the natural health field and a doctoral degree in Naturopathy, you can rest assured today’s guest is at the top of his field.

Dr. Stephen Cabral joins Freddie on the show to discuss alternative medicine, Naturopathy, and his personal pain to power story (which is INCREDIBLE.). His passion for health and wellness was developed after severe medical complications at just 17 years of age. The search for a cure brought him to 50 different doctors through 100’s of medical protocols with little improvement. And…the story has a happy ending.


Stephen is also the author of The Rain Barrel and the founder and CEO of EquiLife and Integrative Health Practitioner Institute.


Like many of us, Stephen did not fit into the mold of western medicine as doctors could not pinpoint a way for him to feel better, it’s that simple. He needed to ask better questions if he wanted different answers. He shares his journey of diagnosis, recovery, and education to experience a disease free life.




[00:36] Stephen’s struggle to find out his diagnosis


[08:32] Things that throw the body off-balance


[17:56] How to educate people on what goes on in the body


[27:14] What do environmental toxins do?


[37:49] Implications of the levels of toxicity passed down generationally


[44:03] A platform for people to deep dive into some products




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