Ep 128: Hard Pivot: with 8-Time Olympic Medalist Apolo Ohno


The MOST decorated Winter Olympian EVER joins the Beautifully Broken platform, and I’m here for it.

Apolo Ohno is an American short-track speed skater and an eight-time medalist (two gold, two silver, four bronze) in the Winter Olympics. Ohno is the most decorated American at the Winter Olympics of all time. Period. Wow. Full-stop.

We explore the level of physical and emotional resiliency it took to hold that level of excellence for over a decade and the biological cost that comes with greatness. This author, speaker, and entrepreneur has made a HARD PIVOT (the title of his new book) to serve humanity and guide others to become their best in terms of health, work, life, and balance.

Together in front of a LIVE audience, we examine his journey through living in the bubble of speed skating, the extremely firm guidance from his father, and how he transmuted his success on the ICE to a motivational speaker, celebrate author, and successful entrepreneur.


[0:01:30] Apolo’s motivating factor to look for purpose elsewhere

[0:04:51] Rage, insecurity, and the terrible fear of failure

[0:12:18] The sacredness of ice for Apolo and the great divorce

[0:22:22] Guiding principles used to set himself up for success

[0:30:40] What keeps Apolo grounded when in a state of overwhelm

[0:35:02] Biohacking in the Olympic space

[0:42:48] The five golden principles: gratitude, giving, grit, gearing up, and go

[0:48:38] How 14-year-old Apolo figured out what to pursue in life

[1:01:36] What Apolo’s life is today

[1:05:31] Reaction to the 15-year-old Russian skater’s performance-enhancing drug issue

[1:10:07] The role of coaches in instilling passion in athletes

[1:16:33] Parenting for athletes is not a blueprint for everyone

[1:21:49] Which medal was Apolo’s favorite and why


Website – https://apoloohno.com/


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